A children's book that builds confidence!

Brilliantly Dyslexic inspires children with 22 stories about the lives of incredible dyslexics - from engineers to artists. These diverse stories encourage kids to dream big, play to their strengths, and never let challenges define them. 


    Children (age 8-12) will see glimmers of themselves reflected in the stories—both the challenges and strengths. With diverse representation across profession, ethnicity, and gender, these stories encourage kids to dream big, play to their strengths, and never let challenges define them.


    Dyslexic learners are just as intelligent as their peers. However, they often don’t feel that way. These stories normalize struggle and feelings of failure as a part of learning and life.


    Brilliantly Dyslexic prompts conversation and builds connection. These stories are the ideal way to talk about dyslexia and other learning differences with all kids, at home and in the classroom.

Why these stories matter...

Dyslexia doesn’t show up much in children’s stories. This is a problem…because we all need stories that make us feel seen. When we find those stories, it’s powerful. In the space of three pages, we see ourselves and our lives differently. Maybe it’s possible to do that thing I’ve secretly been dreaming of. Perhaps it won’t always be this hard. Maybe being dyslexic isn’t just an OK way to be…maybe it could be a fantastic way to be.

If you're a kid who struggles to read and write, it’s a HUGE deal to you. And, you need to see that feels-like-it-defines-my-whole-life thing reflected in the world in a positive way. That’s what Brilliantly Dyslexic is about.

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